There is Power in the Purse

Power of the Purse 2018On Friday 16th March 2018, HighWater proudly sponsored a table at the 4th Annual Power of the Purse event held at the Ritz-Carlton. This was another thought-provoking event where speaker Jennifer Thompson recounted her incredible, inspirational story of her brutal assault at 22 years old. Jennifer, a university student at the time, narrowly escaped with her life and would go on to positively identify Ronald Cotton as her attacker. Based on Jennifer’s compelling story and positive identification of her alleged attacker in a police identification line up, Ronald Cotton was sent to prison for over a decade. Despite Jennifer’s strong conviction of who the attacker was, Ronald Cotton always proclaimed his innocence. After 11 years in prison, DNA testing eventually proved his case and he was released. Jennifer was consumed by guilt and was worried about Ronald’s feelings towards her after the misidentification. Two years after being released from prison, Jennifer and Ronald met. Jennifer discovered that he had forgiven her many years before. Astounded by his ability to forgive, she discovered the freedom and peace that forgiveness can bring. Jennifer was inspired to create a nonprofit organization that fights for those wrongly convicted of crimes and has successfully lobbied state legislators to change compensation laws for the wrongly convicted. Jennifer’s story reminds us that in life there will be tragedies but humility and forgiveness are healing powers for achieving inner peace.

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