HighWater Supports the National Trust

HighWater is proud to support the efforts of the National Trust as it continues to develop and maintain a safe haven for all of the esteemed Flora and Fauna of the Cayman Islands, as well as its efforts to preserve as much of the Islands’ heritage as possible.

As a Silver Sponsor, HighWaters’ contribution has made way for the National Trust to further purchase all the necessary materials to maintain a steady foundation towards to preservation of the indigenous wildlife. It has also allowed for the protection of iconic historic buildings and landmarks that hold the hearts of the Caymanian people. Not to mention, the National Trust also aims to promote and facilitate public education and, through this donation, it will assist the National Trust to offer guided cultural and environmental tours.

As development in the Cayman Islands’ infrastructure increases, it becomes crucial that the community plays a part in the preservation of the Islands naturalness, thereby protecting the life therein. HighWater is proud to have done exactly that.