Darren Stainrod

HighWater announces the resignation of Darren Stainrod who was welcomed onto the HighWater platform in May 2013. We have enjoyed having Darren as a contributor to the valuable collective experience of the HighWater directors.  While unfortunate, Darren’s departure is being handled in an amicable way, in the best interests of our clients.  Darren retains access to his HighWater email address and to our office until 31st December 2015 during which period certain clients will be transitioned off the HighWater platform but will remain with Darren, while other clients will remain with HighWater and will be transitioned to another HighWater director. For more information, please contact the founder of HighWater, Gary Linford on 1 345 640 2295 or on gary@highwater.ky or any one of our HighWater board of directors.