HighWater has made its mark in the alternative investment funds industry as a boutique provider of corporate governance services, by providing personal, high-quality director services to a select number of premium hedge funds and investment managers.

How comfortable are you with your independent director?

What sets us apart?

  • EXPERIENCE – Our directors are seasoned professionals with extensive and relevant industry experience in senior positions
  • DIVERSITY – HighWater directors come from a diverse background of experience, covering regulatory, fund administration, legal, banking and allocation, enabling them to effectively work with a global client base and a wide range of investment strategies and alternative investment vehicles
  • RELATIONSHIPS – We build strong relationships with investment managers, investors and service providers and interact with them personally and regularly
  • TRUST – The HighWater philosophy is based on integrity, reliability and dependability, incorporating the best governance practices into the day-to-day performance of our obligations as a fiduciary
  • INDEPENDENCE – No member of staff or director may actively invest in, or have any economic affiliation with their client funds, sponsors, investment managers, or service providers.  There are no conflicts of interest with a HighWater director.  We are not reliant on any one single client.
  • CAPACITY – HighWater directors maintain a limited number of high quality relationships to ensure that they have the necessary time to devote to each one personally and effectively
  • FAIRNESS – We ensure the equitable treatment of all stakeholders in a fund
  • AVAILABILITY – Our directors utilise the latest technology available to ensure that they are able to work from anywhere and exceed expectations on communication and timely response
  • GLOBAL REACH – Our client base is spread throughout Asia, Europe, South America and the USA and we travel frequently to maintain our global reach
  • REGULATED – HighWater is regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (“CIMA”) under the Companies Management Act (2021 Revision) and is audited by a CIMA-approved audit firm.

We provide expert advice at all stages of a fund’s life cycle – launching, ongoing operations, and winding down of a fund.