The investment funds industry is complex and highly contextual. Good corporate governance requires extensive knowledge of all relevant aspects of a fund, throughout its lifecycle.

Extensive and Relevant Industry Experience

HighWater directors bring the necessary diverse management and advisory experience gained from decades of work in the trenches – including finance, due diligence, investment management, fund administration, audit and fund regulation backgrounds.

All of our directors have held senior and high profile roles in the fund industry.

Our Cayman-based directors play leading roles in the development and promotion of the Cayman Islands’ financial services industry, and have participated actively on the Cayman Islands Fund Administrators Association, the Cayman Islands Society of Professional Accountants, the Cayman Chapter of AIMA and Cayman Finance. All of the directors are active industry commentators and are frequently called upon to speak at industry events and write articles for hedge fund publications.

Our directors are supported by a high quality team of corporate administrators that are experienced professionals with backgrounds that include former regulators, fund administrators, professional accountants and attorneys in the Cayman funds industry. In addition, HighWater also employs an information systems and office infrastructure professional.

HighWater strives to employ the best talent available.